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How To Create A Powerful Lead Capture Page

Get a Keyword Focused .com Domain Name

This seems to be very important with the algorithms that Google, Yahoo and MSN use in determining their search ranking relevance. So, for instance, if your domain name is and someone performs a search on Yahoo for ‘get me some free leads’ there is a very good chance that you are going to be showing up as one of the top results. This is a great, quick and easy way to start capturing some free traffic.

Use Headings and Text to Incite Instant Emotion

The whole idea behind your page is to incite emotion and an impulse to action. You want your readers to feel like they are truly missing out on something or have discovered the secret to instant success. They may or may not have done so, but this is a FREE offer that you are giving away and all they need to do is give you their name and email. Use your headings to create an image of what their life could be like, or what they might be missing. Either way, you need to get them thinking and dreaming. Pictures and videos can also do wonders as well.

Link to Your Page Like Crazy

Links serve a couple different purposes. First of all they are going to generate traffic to your site from simply getting your name out there. Second of all, the search engines are going to see all the links to your site, and take note that your site is important, which will get you placed higher in search results. Don’t be too picky about where your links are just get them out there, and don’t use a link farm service. Post good content comments with link backs, put links on your blog, your social networking sites, create videos with links, write articles with good links, and do whatever is necessary. If you do this well, and put in your due diligence, it will payoff in masses.

Have Great Page Content

In order to really build up your lead capture page and start getting some free traffic, you need to have some good unique content. So, write about what you’ve learned. It’s certain that on your quest to creating a lead page, and running your business you’ve learned a few things. What you’ve learned truly is priceless. By writing about this, you will create original content, which the search engines love, and you’re making yourself credible to your readers. By providing this good information, your reader will be even more enticed to find out what else you know!

Have an Even Greater Free Offer

This is the kicker. Most of your leads are really built up at this point, and you cannot let them down. If the service or free information you are offering doesn’t back up all the hype and build up–you wont get far. Make sure that you have some good solid information that will ultimately lead them to a buying decision.

When you have done all these things, look out, because the leads will be rolling in.

Sympathy for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming a common thing nowadays, with things like nose jobs and face lifts almost becoming everyday procedures in some large cities. Certainly, there are a number of psychological and emotional benefits to such procedures, but only if they are properly done. Also, even if these procedures are performed flawlessly by the surgeon, there are still some things that need to be kept in mind after the surgery itself, not the least of which is the need for post-surgery therapy.

There are even a few things that need to be taken into account before something like this is even considered, outside of an emergency situation where the procedure is reconstructive and not aesthetic in nature.

The first thing to consider would be the reasons for the surgery in the first place. If the procedure is not meant to repair damaged tissue and is merely cosmetic, plastic surgeons will often have the patient speak to a psychologist before agreeing to the procedure. There are a myriad of reasons for this, not the least of which is to reduce the chances of mistakenly performing a procedure to “perfect” someone’s appearance on a person who is psychologically incapable of recognizing an absence of flaws.

The more ethical plastic surgeons are willing to perform procedures only on people who require them or do not have some sort of psychological issue that might cause problems if surgery is carried out. However, this is merely what needs to be done before one goes under the knife, with what needs to happen afterwards being a completely different scenario.

There can be any number of things that must be taken into consideration when it comes to post-surgery therapy, particularly for plastic surgery. For example, in the case of liposuction, there is usually a set number of days of minimal or controlled food consumption. This is because whatever was done during the procedure needs time to “stick,” as it were. Binge eating will not only damage what the liposuction was supposed to do, but it may also cause additional damage as side effects.

In general, the surgeons themselves will inform their patients of what needs to be done and what things should be avoided before they’re discharged. Whatever they say must be adhered to almost religiously, because these procedures and limitations were designed to help the body fully heal after whatever was done.

Yes, there is a recovery time in place after the surgical procedure itself, but the body needs more time to really “settle.” Some types of cosmetic surgical procedures might also require the use of certain medications, with various effects. Some are designed to help the body accept the changes, while others are used to reduce some negative symptoms, such as pain.

The precautions to be taken after the fact hold true even when the procedure is reconstructive in nature. These sorts of medical procedures can sometimes be rather invasive, with a number of available techniques requiring that areas of the patient’s body be cut and pathways into deeper cavities opened up. In the end, these procedures require time for the body to fully recover from them, much like other forms of surgery.

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.
– Rabindranath Tagore

Do Not Let Your Anxieties Overcome Your Self-Confidence

Some people who struggle with anxiety may sometimes lose their self esteem and self-confidence during the process. As a result, here is a list of techniques a person can use to help manage their anxieties, fears, and self esteem.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Whenever it comes to dealing with your anxieties or any other task; practice, patience, and persistence is the name of the game. If you don’t get the desired results the first time around, then keep trying until you do get the results. Through practice, you will become better at the task at hand and your self-confidence will increase. This also applies to managing your anxieties.

In every anxiety-related situation you experience, begin to learn what works, what doesn’t work, and what you need to improve on in managing your fears and anxieties. For instance, you have a lot of anxiety and you decide to take a walk to help you feel better. The next time you feel anxious you can remind yourself that you got through it the last time by taking a walk. This will give you the confidence to manage your anxiety the next time around.

Sometimes, we can get anxious over a task that we will have to perform in the near future. When this happens, visualize yourself doing the task in your mind. For instance, you and your team have to play in the championship volleyball game in front of a large group of people in the next few days. Before the big day comes, imagine yourself playing the game in your mind. Imagine that you’re playing in front of a large audience. By playing the game in your mind, you will be better prepared to perform for real when the time comes. Self-Visualization is a great way to reduce the fear and stress of a coming situation and increase your self-confidence.

Don’t forget to Pray and ask God for help. A person can only do so much. Asking God for help can give us additional resources to help manage our fears and self-confidence. It is not always easy, however God is in control and he will help you if you ask him.

Write down on a list everything that you are thankful for. Do not take anything for granted. The next time you feel down, take out your list and review everything that you have listed. This is a great way to remind us of what we have.

As a layman, I realize it can be difficult to manage our anxieties and self-esteem. If you have trouble then talk to a professional who can help you manage your fears, anxieties, and self esteem. They will be able to provide you with additional advice and insights on how to deal with your current problem. In the meantime, remember to take it one day at a time.

4 Strategies You Can Use to Build Momentum for Home Business Right Away

Be honest with yourself. Are you one of those people that believe that you just don’t have the time to get your home business up and running? You’re not alone. Many people I talk to claim they have too much to do and not enough time to do it. They wind up defeating themselves and their business looses momentum and suffers.

Full time jobs, family obligations, maintaining health and too many other distractions are the main reasons for not building momentum for their business. You can wind up feeling that your life is spent catering to every one else’s obligations.

However, I have some good news! You can find and maximize time to build momentum for your home business. All you need is to find time and commit to use that time for your home business only. Try the following strategies to make your home based business flourish.

Document Your Daily Routine

The first thing you will need to do find a quiet place and write down your schedule. Document the start and end time on events like getting ready for work, driving your kids to school, your commute to your day job, gym time and any other weekly commitments you have. Don’t forget to include weekends and family time (this is most important). 

After completing this exercise you should have a good visual of what your work week looks like. You should see openings in your week. Make your goal easy: try to find two hours you can commit to spend on your business. You should be able to re-prioritize some time. 

Stay with the Schedule You Created and Re-Evaluate

The next thing you need to do is stick with your schedule. This can be tough because you are creating a new habit.  Once you get the hang of your new routine, you should always re-evaluate your schedule. You may be able to find more time to spend on your home business.

Sticking with your schedule means you need to discipline yourself to work. This means that you have to find a way after work, after little league games, after dinner and after putting the kids to bed. 

Don’t Forget Your Family.

Spending time with my family is always a top priority for me. I have young children so I try to focus on the business when my kids are in bed. I find that using the evening hours is best for me to spend on my home business. It seems to be the most quite part of the day. 

If you have to use your family time to spend on your business, make sure you communicate with your family so they have an expectation of what you are doing. However, I would recommend that you set a time limit so you can spend that time you want with your family. This will provide balance for you.

Embrace Distractions

As we all know life also throws us off schedule. Try your best to embrace that fact instead of fighting it. If your child stays up late, focus on helping your child quiet down and go to sleep. Try not to focus on what you could be doing. Don’t worry. The work will still be there when you are ready.

If you have to stay late at your day job, then choose to work late. Usually, you’ll find that it is better just to focus on one thing at a time. You’ll be more efficient and effective. Having a clear and guilt free mind while working on your business is most productive.

To handle new ideas that can distract you while you are working, keep an MP3 Recorder handy so if an idea comes up you can record it or write down the idea in a notebook. You can always prioritize those thoughts at a later time. You will also find that you are using less energy dealing with distractions instead of fighting them.

So there is good news when it comes to finding time to work on your own business. Don’t despair and don’t get frustrated. Just remember that you have total control of your time and you alone can change your habits to build your businesses momentum.

Word Of The Day: DETER

DETER (verb)  to prevent by fear; hence, to hinder or prevent from action by fear of consequences, or difficulty, risk



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